Big Balloon


Bild, Regie & Schnitt:
Christian Stoppacher,

Viktor Schaider,

Helping Hands:
Lukas Schöffel, David Siebert, Silvio Canazei

Make Up:

Steffi Lamm, Dance: Mustapha Barkati Dancecompany


Göttin des Glücks

Video supported by Österr. Musikfonds
SONG written by Coshiva, Sandi Strmljan.


The sky opens up Summer rain is gone
In my best friends teacup Reflects the morning sun
I’m up to break off to make my day
While the world wakes up I’m ready for my bike, ok!

Refrain: Look there is a big balloon in the air
A silent traveller from here to there
In the wind a dancer anywhere
A guide in peace, my love affair
Come around and discover The world’s full of colours outside
Push the pedal and follow Don’t wait ‚till tomorrow – Free your mind!

I’m getting loud and wild In the nature breeze
Singing my songs „oh so right“ From west to east
Hands up to the air Two wheels rolling fast
„ringe-dinge-ding-dong“ Forever this will last


Lets close down the streets No more pollution in the air for a day (oh, thats fair)
Keep all the machines off! We should use our hands Lets create and lets celebrate
Freedom for everyone and everywhere!