Presence of Vienna


Christian Stoppacher –

The video received the YOUNG AUSTRIAN MUSIC AWARD 09

SONG written by

Coshiva, Mark Long.


Walking in the woods We got turned round
Halfway up Coming back down
The snow was old Our intentions seemed new Felt
just like What we used to do
Stimulating breeze With a the crystal feel
Reflects upon thousands Of pleasure squeals
We know our wants And give our needs
Joining in this One raptured seed

The perfect place To leave our trace

Austria is comin‘ around It’s true presence found
In Vienna is peace That is our goal
Come and join us With your souls

A breakout time To honour the muse
We have no fear Of what is loose
Time for all to be Heard and seen is near
Let go of everything And all becomes clear
Some trees spark To explode their seed
All universal creatures Have differing needs
In the concept of time We all seem to be lost
Admit to this That there is no cost


Oh yeah – with you souls
Come and join with your souls
With your souls, yeah!